Monday, May 18, 2015

My Cup Runneth Over

So many goodies.

I've downloaded whatever White Star compatible stuff that Tenkar has blogged about. I'm getting really excited about this game. I think I'll run it back-to-back with Sunken Tower of Tsenophal at the upcoming local game day.

Fate, like it's oft-forgotten ancestor Fudge, has a looooot of work on the front end.
We didn't finish character generation last time, partially because we spent so much time trying to figure out which of Fate's tools to use to adjudicate the supernatural powers in the setting. I'm going to toy around with it this week and present a proposal to the group. That'll be a post in itself, for the two of you who read this and actually give a crap about Fate.

D&D was a bust Sunday. With only two regular players, it's hard to play if one can't make it. I'm trying to recruit some of my blokes from campaigns past to thicken our ranks.

Petty Gods is free on pdf. I downloaded. Holy crap I don't have time to read this. Holy crap I'm reading it anyway.

Downloaded a game called Ghostories on a whim. Because between Chill/Cryptworld, Majus, Bloodshadow, Savage Worlds Horror Companion, and Silent Legions, I was really missing a modern horror game in my collection. I need professional help. (Oh and Witchcraft and pretty much all the Eden games...and all my old 2nd ed WoD stuff...good gods...) 

This is the last week of the school year. Once the week is over, finals are graded, and the young'uns dispatched until next year, I will have quite a bit more free time.

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