Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rolling On

My Fate game is coming together, albeit a little slowly. It's interesting to do group world-building.

I downloaded White Star, despite owning both Stars Without Number and X-plorers. It definitely has a different flavor to it. In fact, I kind of see the three different games through three different lenses:

Stars Without Number- Mass Effect 3, Bad Ending (well, they're all bad, but you get the idea...)
Explorers: 50's science fiction with bubble helmets, cigar-shaped rockets, and ray-guns.
White Star: Grubby 70's sci-fi, original Star Wars Trilogy or original Battlestar Galactica....there's possibly some Buck Rogers in there, but I confess I'm not familiar enough with that series to know for sure.

My Thursday group (which I have been heavily absent to these last two months) has asked me to reinstate my RIFTS Madhaven hex/dungeon crawl from last summer. This will make me a very busy beaver, having finished grad school and with summer break coming up next week for my students, I will have an indulgence of free time.

Engines & Empires continues to be fun. I've hit 3rd level, which is no small feat in an OD&D styled game. I'd say 90% of our experience comes from treasure won. I think it's finally sunk in with the other players that combat is better avoided when possible. (I'd insert my B/X Medusa example, but I think I've thrown that out about a dozen times on this blog.)

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