Sunday, June 28, 2015

Meddling With Fate

Fate session 3 ran on Friday. I'm still not sure I get this game, and I'm now facing the possibility that it simply isn't my thing. I'm going to give it another session or two.

I think one area where I need further tutelage is that of conflict. So far, my players have been exceedingly good at avoiding conflict through ingenuity and stealth.

I'm not sure exactly why I don't grasp the game, but the experience so far leaves me with this feeling that I am somehow missing some large part of the way the game is supposed to work. I don't think I'm giving out enough Fate points, or perhaps the players have taken too many supernatural abilities and the lack of refresh leaves them unable to invoke their Aspects often enough.

Perhaps, since this is a fairly "Extra-centric" game, and both PCs possess Extras, I should rethink how they work. Perhaps turn them into stunts, or maybe even skills. There's the rub, though; I don't feel comfortable enough with the system to tinker with it. I've tried reading sections of the System Toolkit, but they've left me wanting.

I signed up for a Fate game at my favorite summer gaming convention, thinking that perhaps the best way to learn is to start by playing. Unfortunately, that con is still a month away and I'm notorious for punking out on Sunday morning con games.

I have the week off, so perhaps I'll give the rules another read through and see how things go.

In other news, tonight is D&D/E&E night at the LGS. What trouble will find Henrik and company this week?


  1. I started out first with Fate via the Dresden Files and I seriously loathed the system. Stunts, extras, skills, Aspects...none of it made sense.

    The magic happened when I bought the little $5 Fate Accelerated book. The system finally started making sense. I was then able to add on stunts and extras in a way that made sense. I still struggle from time to time, but Fate Accelerated really helped me out.

  2. I too tried to like FATE. It's too much "cooperative storytelling" and not enough "game" for me. I prefer raw FUDGE without all the Fate additions.