Monday, June 1, 2015

Gaming Session Critical Hit

Last night was one of those gaming sessions that reaffirms your sense of wonder in gaming.

The session was mostly one of interaction and exploration. Our posse ended up staying in a dwarven castle where we were well-received for various deeds done in the campaign setting. We hobnobbed with the NPCs in the castle. Our party learned from various dwarven masters (I from the alchemist and the gunsmiths, our party's druid from the dwarven high priestess) My technologist built a new device with the help of the dwarves. It was just absolute imaginative fun. We cleared the last bit of our first dungeon, we found several potential dungeons what need delving, and we learned some campaign world lore.

What was most interesting is that we had a spectator who had a lot of questions about older D&D, including why we chose to play an older edition. (He wasn't trying to proselytize, he just was curious about why people chose to play older versions of the game) He seemed fascinated by the sandbox style of play. He seemed interested by the fact that the storyline of the game is something that emerged from play.

I'm really loving this campaign. Thanks to John for running it.

Meanwhile, I pulled the rug out from under myself in RIFTS and I'm totally floundering with Fate, but those are other subjects for other posts.

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