Sunday, June 14, 2015

Miscellaneous Cogs in the Engine

Tonight was another successful session in John's campaign, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite D&D endeavors of all time. We were joined by one new player and two potential new players as well. I've been trying to recruit others, but unsuccessfully so.

Our party continued their assault on Shade Abbey, headquarters of a sinister death cult, using the new magic/tech weapons we invented. They are frighteningly effective, though I'm not sure if we'll ever be able to replenish the unique ammo supply once it runs out. The session continued to validate my old school philosophy of "avoid combat, acquire treasure," since there were huge amounts of combat (a rarity in John's game thus far) and our experience yield was absolutely pitiful compared to prior sessions. Still, the death cult needs to go, because there are so many things we can build and do in the immediate campaign area once we are rid of them. My character took damage for the second time this entire campaign. (Henrik is allergic to pain.)

In non-related news, I purchased and downloaded Tunnels & Trolls, edition 7.5. The new "not silly" art style clashes heavily with my notion of T&T, especially since they opted to keep the silly spell names. I think there's a little too much cruft in it, but I need to digest it further. My actual favorite edition of the game, 5th, is conspicuously absent from DriveThruRPG. They have 1st, 4th, and 7.5th edition (though a search for Tunnels & Trolls will not bring up 7.5; I had to search for it on Google to find the DTRPG link), but no others.
Disclaimer: Any and all attachment I might have to T&T is strictly nostalgic, hearkening me back to middle school when I'd hang out with my older "metal friend" and we'd listen to Black Sabbath and play T&T during the summer. (Some stereotypes have a grain of truth to them, I suppose.)

I continue to read Numenera. The rules are actually pretty simple, but I'm not sure how I feel about the whole "GM doesn't roll dice" thing. That would take some serious getting used to. Still, the book is beautiful and the rule are simple and interesting. I regret totally blowing off the dude who tried to start a game of it last summer. When he showed me an example character, a Mysterious Nano Who Bears a Halo of Fire, my first reaction to Numenera was "what a bunch of hippy bullshit." (To be fair, this is also my initial reaction to 75% of all stimuli I encounter in all circumstances) I fully admit I gave it a raw deal. I'm still not sure if I'll ever run it, but damn I am enjoying reading it.

Finally, I am working on OSR conversions for the alien races from Star Frontiers. Given that I am not presently running Star Frontiers, nor any of the OSR games for which I am converting the aliens, it makes perfect sense that I would spend time doing this. I've already completed a mostly system-neutral concept write up of all the aliens' abilities. My next step is to put them into race form for SWN and X-plorers, and into Race-As-Class forms for White Star.

This week: RIFTS Madhaven, Fate Core Worlds Apart, and another session of Engines & Empires Shade Island campaigns. Damn, do I love summer gaming.

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