Tuesday, June 23, 2015

OneDice Defense: Cyberpunk

Aight, so last post I talked about the wonky math in OneDice Fantasy. I looked over Cyberpunk as well. The problem isn't quite as pronounced because there are no fantasy races that give you a free 3 or 4 in an ability. The highest Defense, sans armor, that you can achieve is 9. Now, this is still rough on a character who starts with Clever 3 and Shooting 2, who still has to get a 5 or 6 on his target. (And that ignores factors like armor, cover, etc.)

Normally I don't like mechanics that let you "dodge" modern firearms. I suppose it's appropriate enough in some Cyberpunk genres that we can let it slide, though I like the idea of seeking cover in crumbling alleys and behind cars during a CB shootout. So, my proposal:

Melee Combat: Defense = Quick + Skill.
Ranged Combat: Defense = Quick. A character with some kind of cybernetic enhancement can add Acrobatics or perhaps double their Quick. Better armor up and take cover, chombatta.*

I imagine I'll have slight variants for Steampunk and Urban Fantasy, especially because the latter game seems to stress supernatural toughness as factoring into a character's Defense. 

*Ah, Cyberpunk 2020.


  1. So I was thinking about this problem some more. I may have found the answer, or at least partially. Mooks/Minions. Which is in the Pulp book, and I know is available seperate as a PDF. (Not sure if it would be ok to post the mook section here. Don't want to step on toes.) Esenntially they have to stats combat and everything else. Thats it. As far as defense goes weak mooks 3, ordinary mooks 6, tough mooks 9. Obviously this is a vast simplification, but Im sure you get the idea of it.

    1. It's a pretty neat little solution. It doesn't solve the problem of high PC Defense goes, unless those combat values are the same for attacking as well as defending.

      I'll have to download that PDF and give it a look through tonight or tomorrow night.