Friday, June 26, 2015

OneDice Urban Fantasy: The Vampire

Vampires aren't playable in OneDice Urban Fantasy. I don't quite jive with that. Hence, I present to you the option to play a vampire. Note that you have to have a Magic score of at least 1 to be a vampire, just like all the other supernatural creatures.

Supernatural Gift: Vampire

+2 Strong, +2 Quick, Night Vision

Choose two of: Dominate Mind,  Magical Heritage (Necromancy or Sorcery only),  Shapeshifting (Wolf, bat, large rat, or mist, each a separate selection) or Spider Climb.

Weaknesses: Ban (Direct sunlight), Dependency (Blood), Vulnerability (Silver, Holy items), instantly killed if staked through the heart.

-Vampires can exceed the human maximum of 3 in attributes.
-If you are using the optional magic system, vampires who take Magical Heritage can select any magical lore known to the Twilight Brotherhood.


  1. I expect to do lots of tinkering.One of the allures of the OneDice system for me is how easy it is to mess with.

  2. I can totally agree with that. I'm working on a little something for it as well. I would say. But I dont want to spoil it :)

  3. Yes, and it is up now. If you haven't already seen it.