Monday, June 15, 2015

OSR Star Frontiers Races: Initial Thoughts

So because I'm not running Star Frontiers or any OSR sci-fi game at present, it makes perfect sense that my brain has commanded me to write up the Star Frontiers races in an OSR format. I'm sure this has probably been done, but I do what I want.

First, let's take a system/mechanic agnostic approach to the races and their abilities.

-Form extra limbs (max number based on dexterity)
-Detect lies (not automatic)
-Slightly stronger than humans, slightly less dextrous

-Comprehension (kind of a metagame thing, a roll to force the GM to tell you what's going on in a social situation. Not automatic)
-Slightly weaker than humans, slightly more dextrous

-Battle Rage (Bonus to hit in melee, not automatic chance to trigger )
-Can see in dim light with no penalty, suffer a penalty in bright light without goggles
-Somewhat weaker than humans, slightly smarter and more dextrous

Sathar (NPC Race)
-Hypnotism, including hypnotic suggestion
-Potentially immune to electrical attacks and knockout gas, though the text states this as unconfirmed within the game setting.
-Slightly less dextrous and intelligent than humans, but somewhat more charismatic

And let's not forget the races from Zebulon's guide. (Although I'm sure many of you would like to) Personally I dislike these races, but I'm a completionist.

-Spring Charge (similar to 3rd edition Spring Attack feat)
-Poison Resistance (ingested poisons only, total immunity)
-Prehensile Tail
-Somewhat stronger than humans, somewhat less charismatic than humans

-Can't be blinded (bright light effects them for one round only)
-Free skill: Appraisal, Gemology, or Haggling
-Slightly weaker than humans, slightly smarter

Mechanons (NPC Race)
-Built-in Weapon (equivalent to laser or maser, possibly stronger weapons in thinkers)
-High Intelligence (75% maximum for warriors, 95% maximum for thinkers)
-Warrior caste has tail, thinker caste has Persuasion skill

-Highly developed smell
-Bonus languages
-Somewhat stronger than humans, somewhat less charismatic

And now, my annotations:
1. Given that Star Frontiers is a percentile-based system and the sprawling D&D family of games are based on d20 and myriad other rolls, conversion is never going to be apples to apples.
2. With regard to attribute modifications: "slightly" means +/-5 in the original Star Frontiers rules. "Somewhat" means +/-10. Keep in mind that the original rules rated abilities in pairs (Str/Sta, etc) and used a percentile-based scale.

Next: SF races with stats for Stars Without Number. 

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