Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Star Frontier races for Xplorers!
This assumes you have Mike Lizardi's alien/robot class builder, available on Drivethru RPG for a buck fifty. If you don't have it... well, make your own random skill table. 

I tried to use Lizardi's abilities wherever possible, but for some of these abilities you just have to make a ruling.  I experimented with more liberal usage of the attribute modifiers in Star Frontiers. (Partially because you can roll a lot of attribute modifiers in Lizardi's guide.)

Aliens in Xplorers are classes unto themselves. Some of them have fewer skills than normal, but those skills start lower than normal. (Lower is better in Xplorers, if you're note familiar with the system.)

+1 PHY, -1 AGL
Skills: Sociology 17+ and 3 others rolled randomly
Special Abilities:
Multi-Limbed, Can use Sociology skill to detect lies

-1 PHY, +1 AGL
Skills: Sociology 16+ and two others randomly rolled
Special Abilities: Ambidexterity 

-2 PHY, +1 AGL, +1 INT
Skills: Martial Arts, Survival 14+, Weapons Specialist
 Special Abilities: Glide, Night Vision, Warlike Demeanor
(Note: Traded in one skill for an extra special ability)

See my SWN stats. You can pretty much use them as written. 

The Zebbies

+2 PHY, -2 PRE
Special Abilities: Immune to ingested poison, spring charge (+2 hit/damage on the first round only) , prehensile tail

Skills: Science 13+, Sociology 16+
Special Abilities: Cannot be blinded longer than one round
(Note: This race does not translate well at all, IMO....) 

Mechanons (NPC Race)
Use my SWN stats. Monster stats between the two games are nearly identical.

+2 PHY, -2 PRE
Special Abilities: Can track by scent 12+ , can learn any language

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