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Star Frontiers Without Number

Yes, I'm aware that other conversions exist.

As far as I can tell, all races in Star Frontiers could opt to be any of the professions introduced in Zeb's guide, including Mentalist. Therefore, I'm going to just say that all of these races can choose between Warrior, Expert, and Psychic. This assumes you are going to be using the Star Frontiers setting rather than the implied setting of SWN, where very few presently living alien races are psychic.

-Dralasites can form extra limbs, be it arms or legs or whatever else might prove useful. The maximum number of extra limbs is equal to Dex/2, rounded up. Note that these are extra limbs beyond their ordinary four. This doesn't grant any additional attacks or movement, but having extra arms can allow a dralasite to better multitask, more legs results in better balance, they can climb while shooting, etc. 
-Detect Lies: A dralasite can sense if a person is lying to them using their Perception skill. (This does not give them the Perception skill or bonus ranks in it.) NPCs who are especially deceptive can resist this will a skill roll using their skill bonus.
-Dralasites have a base movement rate of 90.
-Dralasites are AC 7 naturally and cannot wear armor.

**Note: I modified the dralasites pretty heavily, since not wearing armor in SWN is a virtual death sentence.

-Once per game, a Vrusk may choose to comprehend a social interaction of some sort. (Business negotiation, subtle innuendo, etc.) Before rolling the dice, they may declare an automatic success on this check on the roll of anything but boxcars.

-Battle Rage: A Yazarian can go utterly berserk in combat. A berserking yazarian gains a +2 to hit and damage in melee. They can only engage in melee combat and can't use skills or psionic disciplines. A Mental Save is required to break out of a rage prematurely, otherwise the yazarian fights until all foes are dead or it is slain. After using a rage, a yazarian is exhausted for an hour, suffering -2 to all attacks, skills, and saves.  
-Glide: Yazarians can glide like a flying squirrel. Their distance is modified by gravity. (See the chart in the original SF)
-Can see in dim light with no penalty, suffer a -2 penalty to all rolls in bright light without goggles
-Yazarians have -1 Strength modifier.

Sathar (NPC Race)
Being an NPC race, these guys are better written up as monsters. Armor Class: 6                       No. Appearing: 1-6
Hit Dice: 4                             Saving Throw: 13+
Attack Bonus: +4                   Movement: 120
Damage: 1d6 or by weapon     Morale: 10
Skill Bonus: +1

Special Ability: Hypnosis. The target is allowed a Mental Effect save to resist, otherwise they can be placed into a deep trance or implanted with a long-term hypnotic suggestion.

Per the book, there are reports that they are immune to electrical, stunning, and incapacitation weapons, but the reports are unconfirmed.

Zeb's Races:

-Spring Charge: Humma can take a full move and still attack, and may make that attack at any point along their move. (Melee attacks only)
 -Poison Resistance: Humma are immune to any poison that they eat, drink, or breathe. Injected poisons are resisted with a normal saving throw.
-Prehensile Tail
-Humma have a +1 Strength modifier and a -1 Charisma modifier.

-Can't be blinded (bright light effects them for one round only)
-Free skill: Ifishnit start with Business/0 or Profession (Gemologist)/0. This is cumulative with any skills from Background or Training.

Mechanons (NPC Race)
Being an NPC race, these guys are better written up as monsters.
Thinker Caste
Armor Class: 6                       No. Appearing: 1-6
Hit Dice:  3                            Saving Throw: 14+
Attack Bonus: +3                   Movement: 120
Damage: 1d10 laser/maser      Morale: 12
Skill Bonus: +3
  The thinker caste are skilled debaters and are always considered to have the Persuasion skill.

Warrior Caste
Armor Class: 4                       No. Appearing: 1-6
Hit Dice:  5                            Saving Throw: 12+
Attack Bonus: +5                    Movement: 120
Damage: 1d10 laser, 1d8 melee      Morale: 12
Skill Bonus: +1

-Highly developed smell: Osakar can use their Perception skill to track people and navigate by scent.
-Osakar start with Culture/Traveler at 0.
-Osakar have +1 Strength modifier, -1 Charisma modifier

Edit: My god, the races in Zebulon's are horrid. Just saying.

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