Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Inventions of Henrik Iverssen

My character in John's D&D/Engines & Empires campaign is a technologist who was banished from the kingdom of Dolheim for publishing a paper contradicting a popular scientific theory. Having been shipped to the perilous Shade Isle, Henrik's grasp of chemistry and physics have turned toward practical solutions for surviving his new home. In other words, Henrik has become a weapons engineer.

Since arriving on the island, Henrik has designed two pieces of weaponry:

*The Dammendal Fury: a six-chambered weapon that is loaded with the curious magical crystals the party has developed. By focusing one's will through the weapon and into the crystals, one can discharge blasts of magical energy from the crystal, though each crystal is permanently spent after such use. Depending on the load out, the Fury can be used as a flamethrower, ranged blaster, or even a flare gun. The weapon was named for the dwarven castle where the first prototypes were constructed.

*The Fist of Bjornstrom (aka the Fob): This weapon is a locked gauntlet with a crank-operated slingshot device built into it. The primary ammunition of the fob is grenades. A strip of specially treated rough paper ignites the fuse as the device is propelled from the weapon. Due to the arc trajectory of the grenades, the weapon shouldn't be used in dungeons or structures with low ceilings. Likewise, the heavy gauntlet should not be used as a melee/brawling weapon, lest one risk damaging the mechanism that propels the grenade. The weapon was named after the dwarven king who resides in Dammendal.

Of course, Henrik also has all the devices that a Technologist of his experience level would be expected to know, plus a few extras built from schematics he found, but the above two are unique inventions built specifically to be used against the death cult that resides in Shade Abbey...however, the dwarves now have the schematics and molds to build them...

Henrik's next project is to try and find some kind of material that can amplify magical energy. He has an idea for a larger scale version of the Fury to slay the black dragon that lurks in the Isle's northeastern wastelands.


  1. (Psst... it's Dämmendell and Bjornstraand.)


    1. I'll chalk that up to Runish being Henrik's second language.....and that I don't know how to make umlauts with my keyboard....

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