Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Week In Gaming: Pocket Dimensions, Fate-ing by the Seat of My Pants, Accidental Swag, and Dwarven Grenade Launchers

Alright, so I'm still working on a White Star conversion for the Star Frontiers races. So far I can't get them to turn out in any way that satisfies me.

Thursday night RIFTS was dandy. The PCs are slogging through a pocket dimension of my own creation. I've really started ignoring the initiative/attacks per melee rules. It makes combat go considerably faster. My players either didn't notice or didn't care about my stealth rules change. 

I ran Fate Core on Friday. I really feel like I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to running Fate. I'm going to try to reread the rules this week and hopefully have my shit together this Friday. I know this hobby is all about imagination, but when I run Fate it feels like I'm just making shit up, and not in a good way.

Sunday evening D&D was a packed house this week. It was another amazing session. We have two newcomers (to the hobby, no less) and even another potential recruit who watched most of the session. My character, Henrik, invented another devastating weapon. At this point, he'll eventually be the campaign world's equivalent of Lockheed-Martin....that is, if we can ever get off the damn island. (Which I actually think would be the end of the campaign, so I'm in no hurry to do so.) We ended up naming the contraption after the local dwarven king, further ingratiating him to Henrik. (Hopefully)

I forgot about Free RPG Day this year, but I picked up some incidental swag that was left over at the gaming store:
-A GM screen for Dungeon Crawl Classics (Rockin!)
-Some quickstart for a game called Through the Breach, which turned out to be an rpg set in the world of Malifaux (no interest whatsoever), but I could pretty easily reskin this into a Deadlands scenario.

This coming week: Further RIFTS pocket dimension shenanigans, another attempt at making Fate Core make some kind of sense in my brain, and further adventures with a megadungeon and steamtech weaponry. Hot damn.

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  1. Sounds like a crazy busy week of gaming and your coming week sounds cool. I can't make sense of Fate Core, or it maybe that I did understand it, but it's not a system for me.