Saturday, June 13, 2015

Worlds Apart (Fate Core), Session 1

Alright, so tonight we finally called our world-building good and fired up our Fate Core game. I kind of feel like I don't know what I'm doing, or at least I at first I felt that way. We didn't get much done as we acclimated to the system and style of play. I did a lot of invoking players' aspects for them, if only so we could all get used to the concept. We all picked up on a little more once we worked a scene or two. Still, this definitely runs and plays differently than almost anything I'm used to. We haven't kicked the tires on combat yet, though we've had contests and just regular checks.

Our neglected poker chips from our concluded Deadlands game are presently serving as Fate Points. I also keep a stack of index cards handy. Unrelated: I think the official Fate dice look like hard candies and I must continuously resist the temptation to put them in my mouth.

Our inaugural session began with the NPC sorcerer for whom the PCs work asking them to investigate the disappearance of one of his contacts in a nearby town. Venturing there, the PCs found the landscape gradually beginning to wither. Arriving in town, they found it misty and abandoned, with decades of apparent disrepair on the buildings. Of course, the contact had only been missing for three weeks, so something was clearly wrong.

Trying to make their way through the mist, the bikkhuni began feeling a slight, sickening draining condition. The vampire, on the other hand, felt nothing at all. She took to the rooftops and he searched the streets.

Eventually the party discovered that the MacGuffin's house was empty, the population had been changed into some sort of wight-like creatures, and there was a crack to another plane in the center of town. The party wisely decided to head back to their base at Baccarat and report this to the sorcerer.

It's a strange game, no doubt, but I can see myself really getting to like this.


  1. I always wondered what a fate game would look like, and how long it would take to acclimate, and how cumbersome invoke upon invoke might become

  2. My biggest problem with Fate is its wishy-washy nature. I could see getting in constant arguments with my typical players on what you can and can not due. This holds particularly true with any magic system of Fate that I've seen this far. This last fact ultimately made me give up on entertaining the idea of running a Fate game.

    Since I am somewhat familiar with your tastes, I'm curious - what type of magic system are you using for your campaign?

  3. The Aspects are a little wishy-washy, yes, but the Skills are pretty clearly defined. Aspects are also not as cumbersome as I anticipated, mainly because the PCs have finite Fate points to spend in order to activate them. I will say that you have to have a pretty laid-back or high-trust group for Fate to work out right; this is not a game I'd play with strangers, at a convention, or in a game store.

    As for the magic: It's not fully define yet, because none of the PCs elected to be sorcerers. One is a vampire and one has mental powers, but their abilities are pretty strictly defined and do one specific thing, much like the individual levels of psionics in SWN. I'm toying with something like Mage, where there are different realms of magic governing different parts of the universe, but I'm thinking fewer than the 9 Spheres and governing different aspects.