Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Gods = Kaiju

Clerical orders don't venerate deities, they work to keep them trapped.

Clerics don't pray for spells, they mentally steal energy from the deity to power their spells and keep the deity weak.Clerics typically do not share their deity's alignment, goals, or beliefs.

If a deity wakes up, it comes out of the sea or descends from space, stomping all the cities in their path and breathing fire and acid all over the place.

Sometimes, clerics will wake up their deity to fight off a rampaging rival....but sometimes that does almost as much damage as it does help the situation.

Some gods are mechanical, or bio-mechanical.

Mind. Blown.


  1. Just last night I watched Pacific Rim, so this post really resonates with me. Great idea!

  2. I love it! I want to see more, particularly how one might become a cleric.

  3. Oh wait, it makes sense now. There are ancient orders that have been keeping the kaiju trapped for centuries

  4. That's kind of similar to some Shintoist gods. When a god becomes angry, or corrupted, they become their destroy-aspect (arami-tami...I think?) and a priest has to calm/purify their spirit.