Thursday, July 30, 2015

In Which I Get a Thing From Christian

So I sent an email off to Christian, the writer of the presently-on-hiatus Destination Unknown blog, one of my favorites these past six years. In return for dropping him a line, he sent me the first real, actual mail I've received since.... well, probably the last time he sent me something a couple of years ago. It was a nice find amidst the credit card offers and coupons for places I never go anyway.

Within the envelop I found two mini-dungeons: one a junk/salvage area located in the Planescape setting, the other a petrified giant corpse with a lingering enchantment. I'm actually stealing the giant corpse map (but not the exact back-story) for my D&D5 game which starts tomorrow night. It has also given me the idea that in my setting of Albadia, the giants who live today are not the True Giants, who are all dead (supposedly) and are more like the titanic monoliths of destruction in Skyrim, but with tons of now-forgotten magical lore.

...the junk shop will probably get some play in something I eventually run, but not for this particular campaign. I don't plan for it to be planar in scope. It does give me an idea for a crowded merchants' alley full of dubious dealers and even more dubious goods, however.

I have forestalled Rifts tonight, mainly because I am presently on a lot of benadryl to counter a reaction to what ever species of demon-weed seems to have infested my backyard. To make matters worse, the hose on my giant dispenser of weed-killing chemical broke, so I had to traipse about splashing poison on them straight from the jug. The medicine has left me in an air-headed state (it seriously took me like forty minutes to type this blog post.)  Ah, but I digress with my first world problems...

Anyway, thanks to Christian and also for his blog recommendation. I've been trying to update my blogroll lately as many of my old favorites have either shuttered their blogs or simply stopped posting months or even years ago. While my blog probably stopped being even a glimmer of relevant years ago, I intend to go on, because I love reading the sound of my own voice.

I will post my thoughts on 5e after running the first session.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the reading material, my friend. :)