Sunday, July 26, 2015

KantCon Day II: Madness

Jesus. I did me some gaming today.

In the morning I played a Savage Worlds game set in the 50's, where veterans of a secret anti-demon/anti-sorcerer unit in WWII were called together to protect President Eisenhower from a scheme carried out by remnants of the Third Reich.

Highlight: We blew up Hitler. (Well, his mangled body in a life-support-iron-lung thingie)

In the afternoon I played the Buffy the Vampire Slayer rpg. I really enjoyed the Spock vs. McCoy style relationship between the Watcher I was playing and the Slayer's questing troll boyfriend, who was adamant that the Slayer was a goddess and didn't need training. It was the setup for a really good campaign and the GM knew his shit...sadly, it's only a one shot.

Highlight: More roleplaying and characterization than most convention games.

I didn't go to my evening session because I ended up becoming a substitute DM.... there was a guy who was supposed to run Death Frost Doom but didn't show, then another guy offered to step in and he went home sick or something. Well, I happened to have DFD on my iPad and I've run that module four or five times, so I offered to step in so that the event could run as scheduled. This was my first time running the Zak Sabbath "remix" of the module. (The other times I ran the original version, which I have in print.) It was probably the most fun I've had running DFD and the players loved it.

Highlight: Magic-user casts web. I narrate how she contorts and then vomits forth a swarm of spiders that quickly spin the web at unnatural speeds before withering up into dessicated husks. The look on the players' faces was... gratifying.

Black Blade Publishing was at the vendor tables today. I was this close to buying the collector's edition of Metamorphosis Alpha, but it's frickin' $80. (The deluxe collector's edition is $120) Probably too rich for my blood considering how cheap the PDF or even the POD from Lulu versions are, or the fact that I can run Metamorphosis Alpha using the Mutant Future rules.

I'm not signed up to play or run anything tomorrow, because usually on Sundays we bail early in the morning. I'm pretty amped up right now from my DFD game, but I think there's probably a 75% chance that I'll be ready to bounce in the morning. I might run back tomorrow and maybe pick up a Dungeon Crawl Classics module. I want to give money to Black Blade. I kind of wanted to watch a Fate Core game that's running tomorrow so that I can actually grok Fate Core, but the forces of exhaustion and sloth will probably triumph in the end.

Also, I'm kind of losing my voice.

My attendance at tomorrow's D&D game down at the FLGS is probably 50-50 at best. I'll make every endeavor since I haven't missed a session yet. Maybe I can be fashionably late...

Game on, fellow bloggers.


  1. Thanks for agreeing to step in and run DFD! It was a great game, and we all had fun. I think you should run a LotFP module every year, too.

    I agree about trying to grok Fate -- I'm more attracted to Fate Accelerated, but I need to see a few games in action to really get it.

    See you at next years's KantCon!

    1. You guys were awesome! I'll definitely run an LotFP game next year. Think I'll do one I've never done before.

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