Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rifts and Bypassing the Map

I ran Rifts again for my Thursday night group earlier this evening. 
Our posse, who descended into the labyrinth of tunnels under Madhaven, had come across the ruins of an alien power suit. The suit was guarded by a seemingly endless legion of drones. The PCs spent most of the session trying to retrieve the suit, (which they did) and proceeded back to the surface to travel overland over everything I had so carefully mapped out. 

Luckily, I'm good with improv.

We left the session with our posse finding their lost equipment cache, finding various vehicles and animal companions, and they finally have a chance to rest and regenerate. (Nearly e'erbody in the party can regenerate. Rifts, yo.) 

Yeah, they passed all the stuff I wrote... but I can write more stuff. 

On other news, I think I've grokked enough of 5th edition to give it a go. My wife really wants to play, so I think I'm going to alternate Fate with a D&D 5 game. A bit much for my plate, but Rifts ends for the summer in a few weeks. This kind of marathon gaming is only possible during my summers off. 

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