Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shade Isle Campaign, 7/19

One of our longtime hirelings, Sven, decided that the adventuring life wasn't for him and asked to be a household steward or similar position. We gladly obliged, considering that at our level, the lifespan of a 0-level man-at-arms is...bleak.

We once again started a brawl with a high level spellcaster. We lucked out and killed him, but it could've easily been the end of the party. Henrik took a catastrophic 6 damage, more damage than he's taken the entire campaign thus far.

Shade Abbey continues to be quite the rabbit hole, with levels going farther down than I ever expected. I think we're just getting started.

Henrik's newest invention, the Tom-E, has been successful so far. It's basically a clockwork grabby-arm that the party can use to open chests and doors as well as to manipulate objects without undue risk to the party. The handle is encased in rubber. Henrik named it after Tommy, our gnome expert NPC party member who died when he ran afoul of an electrical trap.

Henrik's other new invention, which presently lacks a formal name, is essentially a narcotic bomb. It's essentially just a new type of ammunition for the Fist of Bjornstrond (our gauntlet grenade launcher.)

I will have to be drastically late or miss the next session, as I will be newly returned from KantCon and likely sleep deprived and insane. (Of course, when I have students again this fall, that will go back to being my default state of existence...)

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