Sunday, August 30, 2015

5th Edition Keep on the Borderlands, Part II

Tonight I ran a 5th ed game for the same two players from my Sunday game. In addition, they brought a friend who had never played before. (Though she is familiar with WoW and other forms of nerdery, so the concepts were not completely foreign to her.)

I switched some of the monsters, mainly because the comparative power levels in 5th edition are different. An ogre, for instance, has far more hit points, so I swapped it out with an ogrillon.

The party learned that casting thunderwave is a terrible idea in a cramped series of tunnels, especially one patrolled by various humanoid guards. While this lead to some unnecessary combat, it also lead them to discover a trapdoor I placed under the rubbish in room #2. (For those of you with the module...)

Since my Friday game hasn't run in over a month and isn't running this coming Friday, I've pretty much come to a conclusion: Top down campaign design is a waste of time. The more time I put into developing a campaign world, the less screen time it gets.

My campaign background for Keep is a paragraph at most, even with my changes to it.

It's interesting to see how the generation after me games. I've noticed that the party doesn't hire henchmen or hirelings, but rather seek out one or two NPCs to fill specific gaps in the party. They also do not attempt to parley with the monsters at all. This may get them into trouble later in the caves, though their ability to take advantage of bottlenecks has served them well.

Shade Isle campaign continues tomorrow.

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