Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Thousand Dead Babies and One Wiped Party

Last night, one of my three 5th edition players was unable to make the game, so I decided to run a one-shot instead. I settled on a modified version of LotFP as the system and A Thousand Dead Babies as the module. 

They died. They still kind of won, but they died. 

Spoilers follow. Ye have been warned.

The party consisted of a cleric-witchfinder and her warrior companion. The two of them were summoned by Father MacKenzie to help him root out the rumors of witchcraft and demon worship around Carroc. 

The PCs did pretty well for most of the adventure. They managed to investigate the right people and places. The warrior did discover Father MacKenzie's little affair, but he was sympathetic to the good Father and kept a lid on it, even from his companion. 

Our cleverboots heroes managed to actually get the drop on the Goat of the Woods, ambushing him while he was being carried toward the ritual with the baby. A daring parkour move accompanied by a natural 20 allowed the warrior to wrest the baby from the Goat's surprised hands, followed by a perfectly placed arrow to one of the cultists bearing the sedan, dumping the Goat and allowing them to escape. They managed to slip back to the church and give the baby over to the priest before going back into the woods to try and take care of bid'ness. 

The party manged to lure the Goat away from his followers and ambush him, killing him quickly. Evading the cultists, they decided they were going to ambush and slay the Black Knight. What they didn't realize is part of their victory over the Goat was the fact that I couldn't roll higher than a 6 on his attack rolls. 

Although equipped with a number of cleric spells that would've been immensely helpful in slaying the Black Knight, the players were tired OOC and it was getting late, so they decided just to attack the Black Knight straight up. While they did a lot better than I thought, even bringing the Black Knight to less than 50% hit points. he rolled snakeeyes on a morale check and and fought to the death... the death, of course, being our poor player characters. 

In the aftermath, the Goat was slain and the cult dispersed. They never found any of the druidic pagans, so the status quo stayed the same. With the bassinet ownerless, it remains hidden in the woods, hopefully never to be found. The one surviving baby is in the care of the Father and will probably become an acolyte of the Holy Church. Father MacKenzie also sent for another witchfinder to figure out who was in the cult, so there are some potentially dark times ahead for Carroc...not that it really concerns the PCs anymore, since they're buried behind the town's church.

My Lamentations one-offs always seem to have bittersweet/grim endings. Go figure. 

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