Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Steal Maps

When I was a kid playing Cyclopedic D&D in the early 90's, I used to love drawing maps. I'm sure they were awful, being scribbled out by a ten year old whose main world design influence was Final Fantasy IV on the Super Nintendo.

Somewhere on the long trudge into adulthood, I grew to hate making maps. Perhaps hate is too strong a word, but I became extremely uncomfortable with it. I found myself obsessing over things like scale and proper population density and how far apart villages should be to maintain a sense of realism. I spent a lot of time making maps that contained a million details that were never going to come up in play and that my players never gave a crap about.

So now I steal maps.

Well, sort of.

I make most of my overland maps using the tools over at Wizardawn and I take (and repurpose) my dungeon maps from Dyson's blog, of which I am a huge fan. In fact, three of the four dungeons I've placed in my 5e campaign's starting area are taken from Dyson. (The other is taken from the thing Christian recently mailed to me.) I fancy myself good at stocking dungeons, but I'm absolutely terrible at creating maps that I'm satisfied with.

Do I lose street cred for this? 

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  1. Same here. I loved to make them when I was younger now I even hate drawing basic outlines on the battlemap. Old man burnout?