Monday, August 24, 2015

Keep on the Borderlands as Wretched Hive, Perpetual Distraction, and Impatience

This weekend turned into a D&D double header.

While my quickly fading "Fables of Albadia" game didn't run on Friday, I ended up running some last minute 5e at a place called Underground Gaming with two of the folks from John's Sunday game. I ran a modified Keep on the Borderlands for them, where the Keep wasn't a bastion from which brave adventurers strike out at Chaos, but rather the armpit of civilization where scoundrels and ne'er do wells gather to try and make a buck scavenging the treasures of the Old Kingdom. Sadly we didn't get very far, but we can always continue it later.

Sunday was John's game, but I must confess I was distracted to the point where I was barely there. The beginning of a new school year has me scrambling about as usual, and my mind was consumed with lesson plans and revised syllabi and emergency plans in case I die or whatever and my gradebook wasn't set up.... blah blah teacher problems. I'll do better next week. Henrik, my character, killed a bunch of stuff with his machine gun. I'll do better next week, hopefully as everything falls into place this week.

We're supposed to return to BTS this Thursday, so I'm looking forward to that. My Friday game isn't running, so perhaps Friday or Saturday I'll run some more Keep on the Borderlands: Sketchy Edition. (I may have neglected to mention, but I ran it using 5th edition rules. ) Sunday will be John's game and hopefully my head won't be in the clouds again.

Bottom line: I should take my work email off of my phone. 

I've emailed Monte Cook Games because the Cypher rulebook I ordered 6 days ago is still "processing." I'm hoping it will ship soon.


  1. I really like the idea of re-skinning B2. I need to do more of that.

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    1. (Wow, that was a lot of typos. Why doesn't Blogger let you edit posts again?)

      Anyway, like I was trying to say a moment ago...

      During this last game session, while Ryan had his head in the clouds, aka in his phone, which means aka in the icloud or something, the party when and stumbled themselves into something of a re-skinned X2. Which makes this whole business a delightful coincidence.


    2. And, at long last, I've finally finished the post-session writeup, so now you can catch up on what you missed after you had to leave: