Thursday, August 20, 2015

Save vs. Bleh

Not a great week for gaming.

Thursday game is just character building for the new guys, so I'm sitting it out tonight. D&D 5e is cancelled again and my enthusiasm for it is fading slightly, given that we've played it exactly once in the last month. I still have the Sunday game to look forward to, though, and next week Thursdays should be back to BTS and Fridays will hopefully resume.

I keep getting things from Christian in the mail and I dig them. Most welcome distractions from pre-approved credit card offers and pizza place coupons and shit I keep getting from the AARP even though I'm 33.

I keep getting pirate-streaming clickbait spam comments from some douche named Delowara Begum, who is either a spambot or just and enormous fuckwad. I have no idea how to block him and it's kind of pissing me off.

I ordered the Cypher System core book as an early birfday present to myself. I wanted to buy it from a local gaming store, but none of the four I went to had it... even the one that stocks almost every product for Numenera and The Strange. I need another game system like I need a sucking chest wound, but it's a beautiful looking book and I like a lot of the design mechanisms I've seen in Numenera. (I haven't even taken the plastic off of my copy of The Strange. I rule.)

Finally, two missives of crankiness:

1. I'm just not that into you, Forgotten Realms. We flirted a couple of times when I was in high school but you just aren't that interesting.

2. Fucking everything has Cthulhu in it. Blah blah tentacles blah blah insanity blah blah horrible things from beyond time and blah. What else you got?

See you guys next week.


  1. May I please echo your missives of crankiness? Especially #2?

    Oh, and if you do find a way to block Delowara, please post it. Thanks!
    : )

  2. Cthulhu was a pushover. The Ghostbusters kicked his ass back in 80s with power-lines, Godzilla style.