Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Semi-Surprise DM Duty

So I ended up running some 5e yesterday for two of the other players in Johns' Sunday game. They wanted to learn 5e and I'm new enough that I could use the practice, so I finally read through the booklet that comes with the Starter Set. Pretty basic scenario, but I could grok it on the short term. I even busted out my Reaper Bones for the first time ever. (I have the first set from the original KS.)

I think 5e is pretty solid. It's got a bit more mechanical and tactical complexity than earlier editions, but not into 3e territory. It has feats, but they're fewer in number, mechanically light, and totally optional. Spending hit die smells faintly of healing surges, but I find the mechanic more palatable and the party can get by without a cleric if it has to.

Incidentally, we ended up playing in the basement of the same awesome comics/coffee shop where I originally ran my Stars Without Number campaign a few years ago, and where Steven ran his Beyond the Supernatural game for a time. (He's been considering a return there as well)

We aren't running my 5e Albadia game this Friday unfortunately, so I'm not sure when my next chance to DM will be.

Gah...if only I could combine gaming groups.... scheduling is the bane of gaming, I tell you.


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  2. Wish I could've made it. I can't even remember the last time I just *played* D&D without being the ref...