Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Shade Isle Campaign, 8/2

Meant to post this on Sunday but whatevs.

I felt a bit lost for a lot of the session since I missed a ton of stuff last week. For one, the session started off with us jacking a necromancer.

Other highlights: (not in any particular order at all)
-Gnome druid totally not falling for disguised hag and dumping her in her own oven
-The brawler with a dex penalty getting a crit with his musket and delivering the kill shot on a spectator. (Spectator as in the beholder's dweeby little cousin) Come to think of it, why is he using a musket? Henrik could totally build him a better gun.
-I got what amounts to a steampunk 3D printer, with which my character can duplicate small and simple technological items.
-Us totally not suspecting a village full of rural bumpkins actually being a cult that worships a dark power and them totally turning out to be a cult that worships a dark power. (As a DM who has used this trick, I'm shocked I didn't see it coming.)
-Had a brief dream-chat with the god of death/the underworld.

Thus ends my last gaming session for the summer (we teachers start back this Wednesday, though no students until next Wednesday) It was a great summer for gaming. I'm excited about my new D&D game and the Sunday game will keep rolling on.

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