Sunday, August 9, 2015

Shade Isle Campaign, 8/9

Delving further into the Trials in Shade Abbey, our group ran across puzzles and combat. One of the puzzles was color-based and was embarrassingly difficult for our group.

One was a language puzzle, which as an English teacher I'm kind of ashamed I didn't get.

My character, Henrik, killed 23 stirges in one round, thanks to geometry. And explosives.

Henrik obtained a new machine gun, which he has dubbed Harvester.

Our poor gnome Connor, a green wizard, just kept taking damage. I think he took enough damage to kill Henrik several times over.

Tonight I did a lot of thinking about my character. The game John runs is an exploration-heavy sandbox...a hex crawl filled with dungeon crawls, if you will. While his NPCs are colorful and fully realized, I find that our party is a bit...blank when it comes to roleplaying, motivations, etc. However, as I spent time this session reflecting on how my play style has changed, I figured out that he does have a little bit of development to him:

-He's an abject coward, except when he can safely massacre groups of enemies from a distance with his various technological devices.
-While he used to be interested in history and architecture, he has slowly morphed to become interested only by revenge and the acquisition of more technology, particularly weaponry.
-He disapproves of torture and destruction he deems unnecessary, but will firebomb a room full of Shade Abbey cultists without a second thought.
-Henrik shows no sense of camaraderie or kinship with any other members of the party. While not hostile or unpleasant, he is distant from all of them, preferring to work with them only on a professional basis. This might be exacerbated by the deaths of various NPCs that he was fond of. In fact, the only person Henrik displays actual friendliness toward is Kayla Kleckenklamp, the chief alchemist/engineer of Dammendal. (Yes John, I know I've mangled your spellings and left out umlauts and various other accents. I might also have messed up Kleckenklamp's first name. Yolo.)

So here we have a guy who was once a pretty harmless scholar, interested mostly in academic things. The harsh realities of life on Shade Isle, and his bitterness at having been exiled for having "superior" scientific insight have changed him. Having no use for theory, his view on technology is now extremely practical. On Shade Isle, that usually means building a bigger weapon. He dreams of massive engines of destruction with which he can revenge himself on the Black Prince of Dolheim. He's no longer interested in making friends, since they often die horribly. He sees the rest of the party as business partners working together for mutual gain. He finds the arrangement suitable.

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