Tuesday, September 8, 2015

5e Keep on the Borderlands Session 4- Super Bonus Session

Due to an auspicious alignment in the schedule stars, my Saturday group was able to fit in an extra session of D&D last night. We played at a different venue, one which I have to say I vastly prefer. (They have chai, for one thing.)

Our band of adventurers decided that they'd rather not descend again into the dungeon beneath the Caves of Chaos. (Which they have dubbed 'The Dungeon from Hell" or simply "Hell.") Instead, the party renewed their broil with the kobolds in area A, slaying the chief and driving the rest of the tribe out of the complex. The party then decided to take their beef into the goblin section of the cave through the secret entrance in the ogrillon's lair.

The party took some big risks in engaging multiple opponents, but some smart bottle-necking and the use of thunderwave carried the day. Given that they created such a huge ruckus, the party decided to withdraw from the caves for the time being, returning to the Keep to heal up and resupply.

The party presently plans to enter the marshes in search of a missing guild mage, Tersius, and his spellbook that the Guild would dearly love to repossess. They are going to let the situation in the caves cool down for a bit, since the goblins are certainly on the defensive against further intrusions.

While the session was pretty short, it was nice to end the weekend with a second dose of D&D. We're currently planning to continue this Saturday.


  1. I imagine kobolds are a much preferable threat to duergar.

    1. Two duergar came within a die roll of wiping the party.