Monday, September 7, 2015

5th Edition Keep on the Borderlands, Session 3

Our party went off grid. I placed a trapdoor beneath the garbage room, which the party found by accident last week when the druid dropped thunderwave to deal with all the rats. (And yes, alerting the kobolds) Our intrepid crew climbed deeper down, under the Caves of Chaos, into a dungeon of my own making.


-The party broke some kind of ominous-looking seal.

-After being temporarily "blessed" with the ability to speak with dead, our party's drow necromancer had an extremely creepy encounter with a council of phantoms. Unfortunately, he asked too many questions, leading the party into battle with a shadow. I ran them basically like the witches from Macbeth. It was fun making a circle of creepy plastic green ghosties from the first Bones set.

-Our party was nearly wiped by a pair of duergar. The druid saved the day by dropping a mist spell that caused the badly wounded duergar to flee. Alas, the party's NPC barbarian perished before anyone could save him. Bonus points to the druid for her use of wild shape for intimidation.

Looking forward to continued shenanigans next week.


  1. @DMW:

    Is necromancer a standard class in 5E? Just curious.

    1. Nope. Wizards choose a specialization school when they reach 2nd level.

  2. I like that you made an addition to the Caves of Chaos. That's like saying, "You know, this Mozart sonata would be better if you added some cowbell." I dig it!

  3. Minotaur with way in HEL are they going to realize the bottomless pit and wooden poles on which they must balance are in their mind.