Thursday, September 3, 2015

In Which I Am Still Waiting for My Cypher Book

I ordered my copy of the Cypher System core book direct from Monte Cook Games because I couldn't find it in a local game store.

I ordered it August 18th. It has yet to leave the warehouse.

While MGC did have an employee reach out via email to say their shipping was behind, they also said that shipping would be caught up early this week. It is now Thursday. My order is still processing.

The book has finally appeared on Amazon. If I had waited and bought it on Amazon, I actually would've gotten it faster and a few dollars cheaper.

I understand that snags happen, but it's kind of rage-inducing to have my Twitter feed constantly blowing up with all these things that MGC is releasing and Kickstarting when my book that I ordered 15 days ago is still sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Just saying.

I will continue to wait for my book, though the temptation is strong to cancel my order and buy it through a vendor on Amazon. I'll certainly think twice about ordering direct from MGC again. I had ordered this book as an early birthday present to myself. Today is my birthday.

At least I chose the free shipping option, otherwise I'd really be upset.

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