Thursday, September 24, 2015

More Goodies En Route

I backed the Kickstarter for Monsters Macabre, a monster source book for Cryptworld. A benefit of backing said Kickstarter is that I get dirt cheap print copies of various Goblinoid game books. I now have copies of Cryptworld, Majus, and Monsters Macabre on the way to my house. (I already had the first two in electronic format.)

My main interest in Cryptworld is that it's basically open source Chill. (Although Chill just released a 3rd edition...the struggle is real.) One of my back-back-back burner projects is to someday cobble together Majus, Creature Feature, Cryptworld, and various Chill supplements to create my alternative to World of Darkness.

Now, I wonder if Christian is going to hook me up with another installment of his Great Black Bell zine, which I have been enjoying immensely.

...meanwhile, 5e Keep on the Borderlands continues along at a decent clip. The party has slain the hobgoblin chief and accepted honorary membership into the orc tribe. Being that they aren't orcs, they were forced to accept a physical brand burned into their flesh to confirm their orcish status. They were wise enough to request these brands in concealable locations so as not to get in deep trouble with the officials at the Keep. We'll be playing again on Tuesday at the local board game cafe.


  1. Its my understanding Monsters Macabre has rules for playing monster. Could make your dream of WoD/Chill that much easier.