Monday, September 28, 2015

Random Flavor What Popped Into My Head

Dragons were given the First Age, because they were Powerful,
but they were Covetous, and thus cast down.

Giants were given the Second Age, because they were Mighty,
but they were Indolent, and thus cast down.

Elves were given the Third Age, because they were Wise,
but they were Wanton, and thus cast down.

Dwarves were given the Fourth Age, because they were Industrious,
but they were Joyless, and thus cast down.

Orcs were given the Fifth Age, because they were Stalwart,
but they were Wrathful, and thus cast down.

The Sixth Age shall be given to Humans.
What shall come of that, we have yet to know.


  1. I notice there's no Age given to the Halflings; perhaps if the Humans turn out to be Wasteful? :D

    1. 1. See JB's explanation, or
      2. Perhaps the Seventh Age will be given to the halflings after humans inevitably muck it up.

    2. Or maybe the Sixth Age shall be given to Humans, who win, because HFY.


  2. Halflings were given the "Fourth-and-a-Half" Age because they were Clever, but they were Gluttonous (and inclined to be portly in the belly) and were thus cast down.
    ; )

  3. This is really nice! Thanks for sharing it :)