Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Best Blog Comment I Have Ever Received

So late last year and early this year, I was working on a BX version of a pseudo-WoD game. I posted rules for characters getting turned into vampires. That post, though eight months old, recently prompted the following comment:

"Hello friend out there my name is jerry am a vampire i was bone in califonia am 50years old i love beeing a vampire becaose i alwayse get what i want i have initiate allote of friends family member young and old ,if you have interest you want to be a vampire you are free i can initiate you and you will be one of us fame money any thing you want will definatly be yours contact to day and be initiated thanks"

Jerry the Vampire. Damn, that sounds badass. 

I have to hand it to you Jerry, I vastly prefer the term initiate to the worn-out Embrace. 

...could this be some kind of undead pyramid scheme? 

I have left the comment unpublished on the original post, but this was just too good not to share with you, my dear blog pals. 

Christian: You live in Cali. Watch out for Jerry the Vampire.

Edit: I just realized that, of all the words Jerry the Vampire mangles, he spells initiate correctly. He can't spell being, but by the gods, he can spell initiate. 


  1. LOL! He might want to ask the FROG brothers for help as well....

  2. Only mummies run undead pyramid schemes so I think this must be legit.

  3. I must admit, gentlemen, I'm tempted to create an email account for the sole purpose to contacting him via the email provided. Of course, I'd have to use Google Translate to translate my reply to German, then French, then Russian, and back to English in order to match his...dialect.