Thursday, October 1, 2015

From Zero to Thirty? Forty-Five? Keep on the Borderlands Side Story

Despite the inauspicious scheduling of some of our group members, three of us met Tuesday night at the board game cafe to play 5th edition. The character sheets were in possession of the absent players, so we rolled 1st level "alts" (to borrow MMO parlance) and started a new adventure from the Keep. Digging around for rumors, the PCs (a human monk and a dwarf fighter) learned that 1.) People were disappearing apparently from inside the Keep, and 2.) The lost tower of Calcidus the Astromancer was sighted south beyond the fens. The party decided they wanted to loot the Astromancer's tower and thus set out south.

The tower was basically a version of the dungeon from Jim Raggi's Tower of the Stargazer adventure, though I had to reconstruct it from memory as my wife is out of town with my iPad and I didn't want to lug my laptop to gaming. I'm pretty sure I remembered most of it, but I did have to improvise a little.

Much of the session involved exploration; crossing the river south of the Keep via a perilous sandbar, navigating the blasted glass wastelands around the tower itself, and finding their way around the first level and basement. We ran short on time- partly due to the fact we had to roll new characters and partly due to the fact that I was late due to a poorly thought out pre-game nap and gross abuse of my snooze button. Still, the session was rather enjoyable and we only had one almost-death when the dwarf ran afoul of a poison gas trap.

This week my Friday group is supposed to reunite after a very, very long hiatus, but I actually have no idea what we're even playing anymore, and I may have to miss some Fridays this month, so I'm leaning toward a one-shot.

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