Friday, October 9, 2015


I recently received some of the Goblinoid Pacesetter books as a result of backing one of their Kickstarters. (I think I mentioned it in passing)

I've been reading Majus, which, despite the use of j instead of g, I'm digging on it. I like the mix of adits and paranormal talents. Adits are broad areas of magical expertise, like influencing animals or bestowing blessings. They have different levels of proficiency, with more experienced practitioners able to command more powerful forces. Paranormal talents are more of a "one-trick pony" type of ability, like speaking with ghosts or seeing auras.

I'm not sure if I dig the noir aspect of the setting, but that seems more flavor-to-taste than anything else. All in all, the game serves as a worthy replacement for Mage, plus the complete game clocks in at less than a hundred pages.

I'd definitely like to try this out... in particular, I'm curious to see how compatible it is with 1st edition Chill products like Creature Feature*.

Now, if only I had a group stable enough to try it....

The only thing I can see myself house-ruling, however, is the action chart. I feel like we could just say if you make it by more than X, you get rating Y.

*Yes, I'm quite aware that Majus is its own animal and that Crypt World is the successor to Chill 1st edition. 

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  1. I love Majus myself, as the "modern wizards fighting a hidden war" genre appeals to me. Should be 100% compatible with all Pacesetter games past and present, so you're good there.