Thursday, October 15, 2015

One Dice Urban Fantasy Factions Part II: Eldritch Boogaloo

*The Torch-Bearers: The Torch-Bearers were originally a small faction in the supernaturally-suffused town of Athens, Ohio in the United States. A place of power, the town was shared between several larger factions who declared a cease-fire of sorts. This truce extended to the human populace of the town, with vampires only taking enough blood to survive, werewolves moving out into the wilderness during the Full Moon, etc. However, many unaligned supernaturals refused to abide by the limits of the factions' truce, and not every member of the factions followed the rules, either. The Torch-Bearers formed in response; a militia of sorts composed mostly of aware humans, but also some supernaturals (faction members or otherwise) who agreed to police the streets, enforcing the ceasefire by any means necessary.

Since then, similar small organizations have sprouted up in any city or town with a large concentration of supernatural creatures. Many of them take the name Torch-Bearers as their own, but others adopt different names, often with a light theme. (The White Lanterns of Hong Kong, for instance)

Although many consider the Torch-Bearers and their ilk to be little more than dime-store versions of the Dawn (see my first post about factions), there are several ideological differences between the two. The motivation of the Dawn is to eliminate the supernatural, whereas the Torch-Bearers only seek to police the supernatural against those who abuse their powers or victimize humans to an unreasonable degree, such as vampires who drain too much from victims or were-beasts that make no effort to control their full moon madness. The second main difference is that supernatural members of the Torch-Bearers are welcomed into the group, rather than treated as dangerous weapons or second-class conscripts.

*The Hellfire Club- It is unclear whether this faction is an actual successor to the 18th century British organization or simply a spiritual successor. The HC consists of wealthy, successful, and influential demon-blooded, a network for those of infernal heritage. Its members are CEOs, heiresses, investors, old money, career politicians, and others with influence. There are rumored to be a few members who are vampires, but the organization is almost entirely demon-blooded.

The HC is based in London, England, though its members can be found throughout Europe and the United States. Their main agenda is simply to extend the influence and power of the Club's members. They hoard power over the material world, seeing humans and their economies as things for them to use for their pleasure and whim.

*Regenesis- An organization of supernaturals that seeks to destroy the modern world and return civilization to a state of pseudo-feudalism. There is dissent within the ranks as to whether this society should be ruled by supernaturals, humans, or a combination of the two. They see the modern world as a threat to both nature and magic, and believe that an agrarian-based world of close-knit, land-based communities is the only way for sentient life to survive in the long term.

The membership of Regenesis is a mixed group of supernaturals. Druids and shape-shifters are the most common, but the idea of a feudal society with supernatural beings at the helm draws in all types.

The methods of Regenesis are harsh and aggressive. They attempt to use financial manipulation to trigger recessions and shortages, perpetuate cyber-attacks to knock out computer-controlled modern comforts and systems, and even resort to direct sabotage of industrial infrastructure. They often finance revolutions and rebellions. The organization may be an extremist split-off of the Druidic Council.

Regenesis is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, headquarters of the corporation that serves as their main front. Their influence is mostly concentrated in north and eastern Europe, though they are slowly attempting to extend their influence southward.

*The Druidic Council- A faction of mostly druids, shape-shifters, and fae-blooded (though they will accept any mortal or supernatural that shares their ideals), the Druidic Council is one of the oldest factions in the world. Headquartered in Perth, Scotland, the Council was once dedicated to preserving the natural balance of the world. They sought to keep Demons and Fae (the true variety) from crossing into our world, prevent the influence of human society via magic, and curb the machinations of less mortal-sympathetic powers. They also sought to protect the natural world from being destroyed by the expansion of human civilization. Unfortunately, the Council suffered heavy losses when the Shadow Hand manipulated the Church into staging the Inquisition and were forced to go mostly underground for several centuries thereafter.

The modern Council realizes that the fight against industrialization is over. They focus mainly on keeping the barrier between this world and the Fae/Demon realms intact, as well as acting the foil against factions that would harm or enslave humanity.

Regenesis is rumored to be a group that splintered from the DC, though Council denies this. There are, however, many members of Regenesis who are formerly of the Druidic Council.