Wednesday, October 14, 2015

OneDice Urban Fantasy: Demon-Blooded

The cover of 1DUF features a Hellboy-ish looking character, and there are certainly rules for demons within the book, but not for any demonically influenced PCs. Since we've got Fae-blooded as one of the playable options, I've decided to add Demon-blooded, also called cambions by more old-fashioned supernaturals. 

Actual pairings between demons and humans are unheard of in the modern era. However, some descendants of such pairings remain. A demon-blooded is an individual with a demon in the family tree who is (un)lucky enough to have their latent abilities emerge. 

Choose two of the following Demon-blooded powers and one demon-blooded weakness. (The package is very similar to Fae-blooded) 

Demon-blooded Powers: 
*Long-lived: As the fae-blooded power

*Black magic: The demon-blooded can use Sorcery. They do not receive a secondary aptitude like those with the Magical Heritage gift. 

*Stronger- As per the general ability. 

*Unearthly Beauty- As per the fae-blooded ability. 

*Regeneration: The demon-blooded heals five times faster than ordinary humans. Wounds caused by a Vulnerability, however, heal at the normal rate. 

*Nightmare Sending: The demon-blooded stands over a sleeping or unconscious individual and makes a Magic vs. Magic attack. On a success, the target suffers terrifying nightmares (though does not awaken) and the demon-blooded can siphon 1d6 HP from them, adding them to his own. This ability can be used only once per night. 

*Devil's Deal: Anyone who enters willingly into a bargain with a demon-blooded must fulfill the terms of the contract or become sickened, with their Strong, Quick, and HP reduced to half, rounded up. This sickness remains until the contract is fulfilled or the demon-blooded willingly releases the target from the contract. This ability is a double-edged sword; as the demon-blooded suffers the same penalty if they break their half of the bargain. They must either fulfill their end or else be released by the target. A demon-blooded can have only one Devil's Deal active at a time. 

Demon-blooded weaknesses: 
*Ban: Choose from holy/consecrated ground, cold iron (powder, a bar laid across a door ,etc), or magical seals. 

*Vulnerability: Choose from holy water, consecrated weapons, or cold iron.  

*Dependency: Inflict suffering on a human, engage in sex with a human, receive gifts or worship from a human, or something similar. 

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