Sunday, October 11, 2015

Saturday Nerding

Today I went a-nerding and found the following worthwhile pick-ups:

-Atherspace, a little supplement for Fate. Mostly I bought this because it was half-price before my bookstore discount, and because I need to see how a magic system works in Fate.

-Deities & Demigods... the printing with the Cthulhu and Melnibonean pantheons. It's in amazing condition and I paid $15 for it. Mainly I just want it because it has material in it that was later removed. I may grow tired of the novelty and flip it on Eeeeeeebay or something.

My weird, now-irregular 5e group met again tonight. They cleared out Area G of the Caves of Chaos, touched base with their orcish allies, and then invaded the gnoll caves at J. The party won a couple of skirmishes, but then had to retreat when the gnolls formed a defensive bottleneck. Next week we'll see if they continue their fight with the gnolls or seek easier picking elsewhere.

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