Sunday, November 22, 2015

Being Someone's First...

...DM, that is.

Over the past couple months, I've been the first DM to three different players, including one who just played his first game of D&D in my Keep5e game tonight. A first level bard rolling with a crew of levels 2-4 who managed to make a difference in a combat with a hill giant by clever use of minor illusion. He jumped two levels by the end of the session, and good on him...most of the things they encountered had the potential to wreck him in one hit. He demonstrated a lot of ingenuity in navigating a dangerous shrine of Law. It was pretty ballin'.

At this point, the campaign has become less Keep on the Borderlands and more "PCs explore a bunch of dungeons I made up that surround the Keep on the Borderlands." They haven't been to the Caves of Chaos in ages. Here are the dungeons they know about:

-The Caves of Chaos
-Some kind of evil temple/prison beneath the Caves of Chaos
-The Tower of the Astromancer (slightly re-imagined Tower of the Stargazer)
-The ruined Old Kingdom dwarf undercity beneath the Keep.
-A shrine to the Seven Dukes of the Wind, located east of the Keep.
-A small mud hut village of ogres, dire wolves, and at least one hill giant
-A lizardman lair in the southern fens, though the PCs have never actually been to it
-A dwarf castle from the Old Kingom somewhere deeper into the lands of Chaos- again, this is only a place the PCs have heard of in passing, whereas the rest of the dungeons they have visited.

Meanwhile, other stuff, not necessarily dungeon-related, that the PCs know of:

-A ghost, claiming to be from the "Old Mage's Guild" has been haunting the Keep near the location of the present Mage's Guild. It has apparently abducted the Guild's alchemist and has challenged the Guild Grandmaster to face it.
-A man has been seen zipping around the skies north of the Keep on a flying carpet. His identity is unknown, but the Castellan would like to have him shot down.
-People are vanishing inside the Keep...random citizens who are here one day, gone the next.

Let's see what the PCs get themselves into next.

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