Monday, November 30, 2015

KEEPing On

...anyone? Anyone?

The Keep5e campaign continues. The party accepted a quest to take a magical exorcism scroll into the blasphemous temple/tomb I placed beneath Area A in the Caves of Chaos. The party dipped their toes into that dungeon much earlier in the campaign and got a bit of a spanking. They returned, and once again received a bit of a spanking in the form of 6 dwarf wights.

...and let me tell ya, energy drain is super weaksauce in 5th edition. You get a saving throw (DC 13 Con in this case) and the effects last only until you take a long rest. Laaaame. The drain itself also only reduces your maximum hit points. There still remains the peril of being drained to 0 hp by the attack and converting instantly to undead, but I don't think any PC was in serious danger of this...mostly the wights just kept critting with their swords. One could still argue that it went much better than last week's run-in with the hill giant and his ogre lackeys.

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