Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Long Awaited PDFs

I picked up the new Old School Revival bundle on good ol' Bundle of Holding. While I owned some of the stuff already, having a digital copy would be nice. I'll also admit that I mostly did it to finally get my hands on Adventurer, Conquerer, King... I've wanted to peruse that for some time. I can also finally read Monolith From Beyond Space and Time and see what everybody was so rankled about.

My semi-irregular 5e games roll on. The "main" group continues to crawl slowly but surely through the old dwarven ruins beneath the Keep. The "secondary" group is in another series of sub-city tunnels. While unlikely that the two parties will meet, I need to come up with some sort of contingency plan if they do...I guess the players could play both characters at the same time, but there's a bit of a level disparity.

In a final note, I salivate for the day that Tunnels & Trolls Deluxe comes out on POD, and I kind of want a print copy of OpenQuest 2 even though it doesn't seem that different from OpenQuest 1, which I own a printed copy of already. The insane bibliophile collector in me has returned, and he lusts for printed treasures.

Anyway. Think I will crack open the ACK PDF first, since it has been a longtime curiosity.

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