Thursday, November 12, 2015

Monolithic Musings

Let's talk about Raggi's big monolith.


First off, I almost quit reading as soon as I encountered the word "Lovecraftian," because I am so sick of Cthulhu crap in D&D (and gaming in general) that I could fucking puke. However, Raggi's module is only Lovecraftian in tone... you won't find Shoggoths or any of that other tired bullshit lurking within.

This is a module that can nuke your characters or your entire campaign world. There isn't much in the way of treasure or reward as one might think of such in a "traditional" D&D type game. The only way to really win is to not go into the valley or to turn back before you get to the Monolith.

It's still got a lot of interesting stuff in it, particularly the guest spot "Owls" encounter. I think I'll mostly use this one for weird encounter ideas.

I'm honestly not sure exactly why this one caused so much of a stir back in the day, unless this was the turning point at which his work became 90% push-button-ruin-character/game world kind of stuff.

Not a bad read, overall for the ideas.

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