Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Traveller Kvetching: This Time in Fiction Form

If the upcoming Traveller novel is anything like my last two attempts at GMing Traveller....

"These markings indicate the coordinates of a series of ancient jump gates," Galen said, tracing his finger along the rusted surface of the artifact. "As well as a date for when they are supposed to... reactivate."

"Reactivate?" Anara arched an eyebrow, leaning in over behind her companion. "That sounds decidedly bad."

The door to the compartment hissed open and Captain Valeren rushed in.

"Captain," Galen said, rising to his feet. "I think this artifact indicates a a great dan-"

"No time for that," barked the Captain. "I just got a sweet deal on those crates of Denebian spices! We'll be getting a three hundred percent return on investment!"

"Captain!" Anara said, frowning. "Didn't you hear him? The galaxy could-"

"Three hundred percent!" The Captain was wild-eyed. "And I think I found a buyer for those combat implants from Thedin II. We're going to rake in a fortune!"


"The ship's mortgage isn't going to pay itself," the Captain snarled. "Now put this alien junk down and earn your keep! The crates are in the cargo hold."

The Captain turned on his heel and stalked toward the compartment door. As he was about to step out into the dimly lit corridor, he looked back over his shoulder, a nasty scowl carving itself into his face.

"And no more talk about all this ancient prophecy shit," he said. "I've booked us full on passengers and I don't want you scaring them with your tales of boogeymen and hokey ancient religions."

The doors slid shut, leaving Galen and Anara alone. The soldier glowered at the technician.

"This is not what I signed up for," she said.

Me either, thought the GM.

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