Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Books I Want That I Totally Do Not Need

...aka, story of my life.

1. OpenQuest Deluxe 2, hardcover. I bought the original OpenQuest based on the cover. The cover for OQ2 is just as inspiring. Why don't I need it? I already have a ton of fantasy games, I'll probably never run it, and I've heard that the interior art is an incredibly mixed bag. I also have read that OQ and OQ2 don't have much in the way of differences between them, and the basic PDF is free.

2. Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls, print copy. Despite having three different editions of Tunnels & Trolls on PDF, and despite not having actually run T&T since the summer after I was in 8th grade (approximately 20 years ago), I have often yearned to own a hard copy of the game. To my reasoning, why not grab the big deluxe version with it's very nice cover? Of course, it's not available in POD yet. When it becomes available, I'd like to grab it in hard cove if such a thing is offered.

3. Dragon Warriors, hardcover. That cover, tho. Also the game is British and vintage. I don't need it because of the list of fantasy games I own and am unlikely to run any time ever... but then again, that complaint stands for all the books on this list.

In the meanwhile, I have listed my copies of Dungeon Crawl Classics and the Cypher System Rulebook for sale on a certain website with a marketplace. While The Strange and Numenera are cool, I find that Cypher core leaves me feeling a bit cold when it comes to universal application; there are probably other systems I'd use. As for DCC, the adventure modules are pretty sweet, but as for the actual system... I have plenty of OSR games that can basically do the same thing. If nothing else, it will make room on my shelf and further justify purchasing books that I don't need.

The struggle is real.

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  1. On this list are the AD&D 1e premium reprints. The DMG is the one I'd be most likely to shell out for, and I'm a sucker for exquisitely bound books; now it's a dilemma between supporting a local game store by buying it there at full price, or buying it online for a cool $21. Decisions, decisions...

    Speaking of, HackMaster falls into this category for me as well. Obviously the new books are beautiful to an armchair librarian like myself, but I've been itching to get a hold of the original "4th Edition" books as well. (Can you tell I'm on a 1e kick?)