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More Risus Characters

More Risus characters, just because.

Urtek the Dragonslayer

Cliches: Dragonslayer (4), Berserker (3), Fated Hero (3), Insatiable Lecher (2)

Tools of the Trade: Glory Bringer (Ancestral battle axe), Wyrm Ender (Ancestral bone harpoon), Meteorite Necklace, bottle of animal musk, horned helmet

Hook: Secretly Fatalistic

Tale: Urtek never knew his father. His mother was a camp follower to the hordes of Gorth the Mighty. On the eve of his birth, his mother died and a star fell to the earth. The shamans saw this as an omen and encouraged Gorth to adopt the boy, rather than leaving him behind with the corpse of his mother.

Gorth raised the lad as his own, training him to be a mighty warrior. The lad had inherited the gift of the berserker. On his 16th birthday, he accompanied a raiding party that was ambushed by a wyvern. The lad landed the killing blow on the serpent. Soon he was hunting young dragons with the mightiest warriors of Gorth's horde.

When the horde was finally destroyed by the Silver Legions of His Most Holy Imperial Majesty Gairan VII, Urtek was captured. Before he could be lead to the Glory Pits of the Imperial Arena, he managed to escape, killing several Legionnaires and recapturing his ancestral weapons.

Urtek wandered the land for a time, taking on odd jobs and fighting for silver until he heard the rumor that His Most Holy Imperial Majesty Gairan VII was actually descended from the Sacred Dragons of yore. While he never had much of an interest in revenge (Gorth was not a kind master), he suddenly found the prospect much more interesting when the man who destroyed his adoptive people was also the type of beast he most loved killing.

Alpha-43, aka "Gill," [Model Guillame Mk II], Robot Private Detective 

Cliches: Detective (4), Robot (3), Obsolete (2), Veteran (3)

Tools of the Trade: Beat-up trench coat, completely vestigial cigar, plasma revolver

Hook: Anachronism bugs in programming

Tale: Originally commissioned to serve as a braked-AI detective unit for the Alpha City Municipal Police Force, Samson was eventually phased out in favor of the Parker series of synthetic detectives, despite being on of the longest serving active models on the force. After the AI Rights Act had been passed by the Quorum, obsolete synthetics could no longer be legally decommissioned.  Out of a job and needing a way to afford regular maintenance, Gill (the other cops never could pronounce "Guillame," the name of the series) turned to the semi-shady world of private investigation. After all, most people who need a PI either can't afford the top-of-the-line models or don't care or don't know the difference anyway.

Gill's fortune has recently experienced an uptick: a sophisticated new hacker has been confounding the city's synthetic police force. Gill and robots of his generation are so obsolete that they can't be compromised by the most modern computer technology. Suddenly Gill finds himself consulting for the Alpha City Municipal, the very people who once booted him for being outdated...

Vindicator, Vigilante Superhero

Cliches: Powered Armor (4), Resilient (3), Mr. Fix-It (3), Cocksure (2)

Tools of the Trade: Prototype Guardian Armor, hidden lair

Hook: In over his head

Tale: Ramsey Irons was always good with his hands. While he wasn't incredibly book-smart, he studied tirelessly and had an intuitive grasp of how things work. He managed to wrangle a full-ride scholarship to Brighton University to study mechanical and electrical engineering. After finishing graduate school, he was recruited by Cromwell Technologies, Incorporated and assigned to a secret project developing the latest model of powered armor. Unfortunately, the project turned out to be not-so-secret, and the facility where Ramsey was working was attacked by a hit squad from a rival corporation. Ramsey managed to escape with his life...and a little souvenir.

Two years after the incident, Ramsey has managed to refurbish the only surviving armor prototype. Having a strong sense of justice and an ego to match, he has become Vindicator, an armored vigilante determined to take down the corrupt corporations. Unfortunately, this has earned him the ire of quite a few politicians and fellow superheroes who believe him to be nothing more than a corporate goon himself.

Natka Proyesch, Village Wise Woman 

Cliches: Village Witch (4), Legends and Lore (4), The Evil Eye (2)

Tools of the Trade: Hut full of weird herbs and components, crooked staff decorated with feathers and bones, gray cat (not actually a familiar, contrary to popular belief)

Hook: Former member of the Cauldron

Tale: Natka is the weird old crone who lives at the edges of the village of Trobov. Many villagers (especially the older ones) are afraid of her, but they still seek her out when they need advice, cures for warts, fertility treatments, and the odd love potion. The younger people of the village tend to dismiss her as a vestige of a more superstitious age.

Little does anybody know, Natka was once a witch of the Cauldron, a dark coven that visited sacrilege and terror on the land. She betrayed her coven-sisters to a group of witch-hunters, stealing their secrets and leaving them to the cleansing flames. She has since repented of her evil ways, turning to a life as a simple healer and profferer of blessings. Unfortunately for her, the Cauldron made dark pacts with entities from the twilight realms, and they recognize her as the lone inheritor of the Cauldron's debts to them.

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