Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Obligatory 2015 Review in Gaming

The year started off with me running my Deadlands Denver game, a sort of "Old West Sopranos With Magic." We wrapped up in April when the PCs suddenly and unexpectedly wiped out/subjugated their various enemies and rivals while inadvertently rendering Denver a magical dead zone. 

The Friday group floundered with what to do next. We tried to build a Fate Core game, but I just couldn't grok it and gave up. We did some scattered one shots after that...and then after July we really didn't play anything anymore. While I still hang out frequently with the folks from the Friday group, it's really not a gaming group anymore. 

In March, I joined a game of Engines & Empires, being run by the author himself, at the local game shop. I met some new players that I hang out with outside of the game from time to time. Sadly, I ended up falling off the wagon. 

I ran a continuation of my RIFTS Madhaven campaign from May until August. While I have since dropped off the face of the map as far as my Thursday game goes, I hope to go back... I love playing Simon in Beyond the Supernatural 2nd edition. I'm also interested in continuing the Madhaven saga this summer and perhaps bringing it to a conclusion of some kind. 

In July, I attended my favorite convention, KantCon, in Kansas City. (Well technically Overland Park, but whatever.) I ran Starships and Spacemen 2nd edition and I ended up pulling surprise substitute DM duty for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. In fact, that seems to be the two games I run there every year. 

July also saw me introducing two people from the E&E game to D&D 5th edition. I ended up starting a campaign set in the Keep on the Borderlands, including a Tuesday night spinoff game.  We've changed venues three times and added three new players (all new to D&D) since we started. Of my 2015 endeavors, this is the only one that survives and runs every week.

I added games to my collection, including a brief and fruitless affair with the Cypher system (which I've been selling off) and my aforementioned attempt at Fate Core. I also discovered the OneDice system, though after reading through several of the books, the only one that really holds my interest is OneDice Urban Fantasy. 

My quest to replace White Wolf/World of Darkness continues to flounder fruitlessly. I thought OneDice would be the solution, but I've yet to drum up any interest in it. 

I blogged more in 2015 than I did 2013 and 2014 I guess I got all wordy again. (Or maybe it's because I finished grad school back in May.) 

All in all, I feel like 2015 was an average year for gaming. I think Deadlands remains my finest accomplishment for the year. I'm still on the fence about 5th edition, though I was happy to introduce two players to 5e and three to the hobby. I have decided the Cypher system gets a polite "Thanks but no thanks," and Fate Core gets a "Why can't  you be more like your older brothers?" (I'm referring to FUDGE, and FATE 2nd edition, if you didn't catch that.) 

As the year ends, I find I have a "mental wishlist" of things I want to start in 2016. Some of them have been rattling around in my noodle for some time, others are recent wants. 

*A game of Swords & Wizardry, set either in my Albadia/mythic Persia setting or a pseudo-Dark Ages Europe setting. (Or was really just the Dark Ages for Europe, after all)
*A game of OpenQuest set in a pseudo-Celtic/Irish/Scottish/British type world. 
*An urban fantasy/horror game set in a creepy-ass small town. 
*A game of trippy-ass 70's style Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls.
*A resurrection of my "steampunk ghostbusters/X-files" game using Savage Worlds. 

So that's my want list. In all likelihood, I'm going to end up running between 0 and 0 things on the want list and just soldiering on with D&D 5e. (It's really not a bad edition, per se, but I still pine for an older, simpler D&D...especially a version without the moonbeam spell. Seriously, fuck you, moonbeam.

And so we march onward into 2016. Happy holidays and continued gaming to you all. 

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