Monday, February 22, 2016

White Box Wish List

As I continue to develop what one might call a White Box Obsession, I've started coming up with a to-do/wish list of things I'd like to see adapted. Presently:

-Psionics and a psionicist class. Right now it looks like the Basic Psionics book I downloaded might do the trick if I can strip it down a bit to fit into White Box sensibilities rather than B/X. Ideally, I'd like psionics to work differently from magic.

-Cyberpunk. There was a  blog that was working on such a thing (Chrome, I believe was the most recent working title.) For the most simple iteration, you could take White Lies and plug in the cybernetics from White Star. I think I'd like to take it a bit farther and add classes. A few conceits: 1.) the future is as imagined in the cyberpunk fiction of yore, 2.) the Shadowrun fantasy stuff will be included as an appendix to be used optionally, and 3.) It will not be gear porn the way some cyberpunk games are. (Ahem)

-Mecha.I think someone, somewhere, created a simplified version of Battletech. I'd like to scribble out some way to fit it into White Box. Stars Without Number has rules for mecha, but they aren't exactly typical. (But being atypical is one of the things I love about Crawford)

I think that's about all for now. Between Swords & Wizardry, Bullets & Blood, White Lies, Skyscrapers & Sorcery, and White Star... I think I have just about all the bases covered. (Well except for superheroes- for which ICONS is my go-to, and supernatural investigation a la Lovecraft, which I presently have zero interest in)


  1. Speaking of mecha, a guy at my local HobbyTown told me of a D&D game his friend ran where the PCs were represented by 1:144 scale Gundam models, and the bosses by the 1:100 models. :D

    Getting back on point, though, Stuart Robertson has a set of mecha battling rules on RPGNow; not sure how well they'd work with White Box rules, but they might be worth a look for $2.50.

  2. From what I can tell, they aren't very whiteboxy.

    I did find a supplement for psychic talents by James Spahn, but there is no dedicated psionic class within...which might be a good thing and is certainly true to the original rules.

    Also...HobbyTown is still a thing? Color me surprised.