Monday, February 8, 2016

World of Shadows Revised

This time, I'm using Skyscrapers & Sorcery as the chassis, rather than Swords & Wizardry. (And yes, I know S&S is built off S&W)

-Add player character races: cambion, human, vampire, weirdling, werewolf. Generally any race can advance as any class, unless the GM rules otherwise.

Cambion (aka fiendbloods or fiendblooded)
The term cambion once referred to beings who had a human and a demon parent. Such couplings are almost unheard of in the modern era, but some families still carry the bloodline of fiendish ancestry.  Cambions are indistinguishable from humans, though they often have sharp, harsh features and an unsettling demeanor. At the GM's option, cambions cannot advance as Blessed.

-Cambions receive +1 to any action check to intimidate or frighten someone, due to the unsettling aura that surrounds them.
-Cambions receive +1 to any saving throw against fire damage, and they receive one less point per die from fire damage. (Minimum 1 point per die)
-Cambions can induce strong emotions in others: anger, fear, hatred, lust, etc. To do this, they must make eye contact and generally cannot be done in combat. The target gets a saving throw modified by wisdom to resist. A target who saves successfully is immune to this cambion's ability for 24 hours.

-Cambions take +2 damage from holy/blessed weapons, silver weapons, and weapons of cold or meteoric iron.
-Cambions have -1 to any action check to befriend or persuade a person or animal, due to the unsettling aura that surrounds them.

Most humans who become involved in the supernatural world are Occultists or Blessed, though plenty of others serve as minions, muscle, messengers, and wannabes.

Abilities: None. At the GM's option, humans gain 5% extra experience due to the fact that they don't have to spend any extra time working to master their powers or monstrous natures.

Weaknesses: None.

Vampires are undead beings who thirst for the blood of the living. PCs are assumed to be fledgling vampires who have not yet unlocked the full potential of their powers. The flip side of this is that they retain some semblance of their personalities and some control over their bloodthirst. At the GM's option, vampires cannot advance as Blessed. 

-Vampires have +2 to all action checks involving sight or hearing and are not hindered by darkness.
-Vampires can change into a bat or wolf. They can do this for a total of 1 hour per night per 2 points of Constitution. The change takes two full combat rounds.
-Vampires cannot be reduced to negative hit points or lose consciousness from hit point loss. However, a vampire who takes damage from sunlight or fire while at 0 hit points is destroyed.
-Vampires  who make eye contact with another may place them under the effects of a Control Sentient spell. Vampires may only have one such thrall at a time.

-Vampires take 1d6 damage per round exposed to direct sunlight.
-Vampires do not  heal naturally and cannot benefit from healing magic. Vampires must drain Hit Dice from helpless humans. Each Hit Die drained restores 1d6 hp to the vampire. Vampires can feed on animals, but must drain 2 HD to to restore 1d6 hp.
-Vampires that are impaled through the heart by a wooden object are paralyzed until it is removed. In combat, this requires an attack vs. AC -1 [AAC +10] The vampire is paralyzed until the object is removed.

Weirdlings are humans who have some fey ancestry. The blood of fey is fickle and may skip any number of generations. Many go through life unaware of what they are. They are indistinguishable from humans, though they may have some spritely features, eyes the color of leaves, etc.

-Weirdlings receive +2 to any action roll meant to seduce or deceive someone.
-Weirdlings can reroll one saving throw per game session. They must accept the result of the reroll.
-Once per day, a weirdling can put a glamour on themselves. This allows them to appear however they wish: a different gender, race, age, even alterations to height and weight. The change is illusory; the weirdling does not physically change. 

-Weirdlings take +2 damage from weapons made of cold or meteoric iron.
-Weirdlings who make a promise or deal are magically bound to it as a Geas/Quest spell.

Werewolves are humans who bear the curse of lycanthropy. Most of them were bitten or mauled by a werewolf and somehow survived. On rare occasions, the child of a werewolf will inherit the curse, manifesting during puberty. PCs are assumed to be fledgling werewolves who are not yet in full control of their transformation.

Werewolves can assume werewolf form with an action check modified by constitution. Failure consumes the combat round, success begins the two round transformation. See the S&S rules for the stats. The character rolls a new hit point total using the werewolf's hit dice. If  the PC has surpassed 3 HD, they gain an extra Hit Die during the change.

-Werewolves take double damage from silver weapons
-During the full moon, werewolves have to make a saving throw (modified by wisdom)  every hour or involuntarily change. While changed, the werewolf is berserk, attacking the nearest being with claws or bite. This rage lasts 1d6 combat rounds. The werewolf regains his senses after the rage has passed, but must remain shifted the rest of the night.


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