Monday, March 28, 2016

Brief Aside: DSA 5th Edition

For awhile, I had a strange fascination with Das Schwarze Auge. Reading through FanPro's translation of the 4th edition, released as The Dark Eye in English, pretty much cured me of that fascination. (Although I dig on the clone of the first edition that some Australian dude posted online as The All-Seeing Eye.) I received an email over the weekend from a dusty old DSA mailing list I joined aeons ago that contained a link to the quick start rules for DSA5 in English.

I'll say this: the artwork looks lush an beautiful.

I'll also say this: You have to make three separate d20 rolls to use a skill.Fascination cured once again.

Gute nacht, Das Schwarze Auge.

My next post will resume with my White Box Cyberpunk tinkering.

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