Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dragon Treasure Trove

I was at the used bookstore last night and found that they have a bundle of lots (a bundle of bundles? A lot of lots?) of old Dragon magazines. I plopped down eight bucks for issues 49-59, minus 53. I might go back this weekend and pick up another bundle.

Lots of good old ideas jumped out at me. Some garbage ones, too. Good with the bad... that's the calling card of the good ol' vintage Dragons.

Royal Society Files runs this Friday. more on that later.


  1. Interesting that you'd be able to find this spread of issues. Issue 60 was the first one I ever read (in PDF form), back when I was still running Pathfinder and dabbling in AD&D2; but 59 was one I searched out for a while, since it was the first part of the articles on cantrips in AD&D.

  2. One of the lots was 60-69. I am considering stopping by this weekend and grabbing it.