Thursday, March 17, 2016

Royal Society Player Characters

Tomorrow begins my Savage Worlds steampunk game, The Royal Society Files. The characters are mostly done and mostly named. Here's our roster:

*Theodora "Teddy" Rathchild, a scientist specializing in chemistry.
*Scarlet "Red" de Wynter, an adventurer/airship pilot.
*Eliza Rose Davies, a Hermetic magician/alchemist with a wasting disease.
*Peter Quinn, a jack-of-all trades with a high-tech weapon and minor psychical talent.
*(name pending), a student of mesmerism/animal magnetism with strange psychical gifts
*Nutzenboltz, a mechanical man of mysterious origin. 

The first case the PCs will deal with is the reappearance of the notorious urban legend, Spring-heeled Jack. While the figure was dismissed as utter poppycock decades ago, a recent rash of crimes committed by a high-jumping, masked scoundrel has prompted the overburdened Metropolitan Police (aka Scotland Yard) to turn the case files over to the Royals.

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